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Welcome to Pillar Of Light Counseling Service. Here you will be able to request Usui Reiki Self-Teaching Courses, Readings/Messages, Counseling, Attunements,  and Healing Sessions with Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr. If you want to reserve an appointment with Messenger for Healing, Attunements, Counseling, or Usui Reiki Courses then scroll down to view his low prices for such wonderful services.
Readings/Messages are done via email, and attachment as you will receive a full Reading, set on a beautiful background for you to print, analyze, and look upon when the the need arises. Messenger also does follow-ups on his Readings/Messages if one requests it.
Messenger is a very talented Teacher, his messages/readings are inspiring but yet cuts through the confusion allowing the truth to shine. If you are in need of help let Messenger help guide you through the changes and seasons of life.
*50% of all future proceeds will go to The Red Cross towards The Hurricane Katrina Fund.
Pillar Of Light would also like to announce our Usui Reiki Courses. Learn at your own pace and when you feel you are ready to progress we will issue you a username to our private Usui Reiki Test Board. Upon completion you will receive an Attunement and Certificate. It really is learn at your own pace. No pressures you set the time, and day. If you should have any questions Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr. will be available to help guide you through. We are excited to offer this life transforming tool to you through Messenger.
The price is unbelievably low compared to many who teach and offer Reiki Certification Courses. It is up to you if you want to learn and live Reiki and perhaps go on to teach or perform healings and services for others. The choice is yours to make. If you are interested in learning Usui Reiki then this may be your chance!
*All payments are arranged through PayPal's secure online checkout for your protection.
To everyone that reads this page, we offer our blessings and a wish for you to be safe, and protected.

Readings/Messages - $20.00 USD

Counseling/Usui Reiki Healing Sessions - $20.00 USD

Usui Reiki Healing Attunements - $10.00 USD

Do you enjoy Pillar Of Light? If you do we are collecting donations to upgrade Pillar Of Light to an add free forum. 50% of all donations and proceeds derived from this site will go to the Red Cross Relief fund. We thank you for your time and wish you love and light to you and all that you care for.

Usui Reiki 1 - Light Frequency & Healing - $12.95 USD

Usui Reiki 2 - Distance Healing & Symbols - $21.95 USD

Usui Reiki 3 - Master/Teacher - $21.95 USD

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