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Messenger's NDE (Near Death Experience)


October 27, 1995

We would like to share Messenger's amazing and startling NDE with everyone and we would like to thank Messenger for sharing his most private/personal transformation event.
It was October 27, 1995 I was in a terrible state of mind at that time. Depression plagued me most of my young life as I struggled between living and suicide. I had tried many times as a child but could never really do it. I was living with a friend and my fiance' at the time who was pregnant with our first child. I decided that night that I had enough so I decided to buy some hard liquor and take some pills and end it that night. I remember that night clearly and how it felt surreal to me preparing my death. I told no one of my plans as I wanted no interference from anyone. I had convinced myself that this was the right path for me. I didn't belong! Well after buying everything I waited until everyone went to sleep and all was quiet. I ran a bath and took a candle with my devices.
I remember sliding into the bath and that warm feeling as if a blanket was wrapped all around me. I grabbed the bottle and swallowed half the pills. I knew then in my mind that there was no turning back from this. I immediately heard "Why are you doing this?" I began drinking the liquor, and It was by the fifth drink that everything began to feel odd. I looked around and everything began dimming as if the lights were gradually being shut off. The radio station that was playing was getting fuzzy and so hard to hear. My body was numb and I felt a vibration as if my body was being seperated. At that precise time I knew I was about to die.
I felt a panic sweep over me and I tried to yell but nothing would come out of my mouth, then I tried to raise my arm and again nothing. I wanted to scream anything, but my body would not respond. My attention went from panic to a humming sound/vibration that had filled my senses with an intense tingling. I now could not see. Everything had turned black around me I knew I had died, and exactly where I was. The point of transition from death to life, but "where?" came to my thoughts. A male voice was now coming through but sounded robotic to me and told me to "look". I focused and saw a pinpoint of light emerge then spread around me until I found myself in a desert environment.
I looked around and thought to myself "I can't believe this I am still alive!". I was amazed, but then I heard the voice again and it said "look". I looked at everything around me I saw gorgeous, glittering brown sand and sand dunes to the distant whipping sand into the air as the wind skimmed the tops of the dunes. I looked up and saw the sun brilliant and glowing, but yet so hot and intense. I then realized that there was nothing else there. Only sand and this hot sun, and a cloudless blue sky. A thirst came over me but an unbelievable thirst for water. I collapsed and felt the heat of the sand as it scorched my skin.
I felt the heat of the sun beating on my back heating me up but yet not burning me. A constant heat that becomes tortureous to the body. I cried out for help but no one could hear me as I was alone in this strange, but familiar landscape. I remember laying my head down in the hot sand crying then the voice again called out and asked me "Lift your head my son". I lifted my head and I saw a figure approaching me but the sun was so bright I felt blinded as I tried to look. As the figure approached I noticed a white rob with sandals I knew then it was Jesus approaching me. I could see the look of love on his face but sadness that I placed myself there. I couldn't look anymore into his eyes out of shame. I layed my head back down into the sand. I felt him pick me up and craddle me and carry me out of the desert and into the darkness.
I found myself in a cave there were five torches lit, and the cave circular in shape with two side entrances, and one main as if in a fork pattern. I looked down and saw myself dressed in white robes and sandles. I was alone in this cave and wondering to myself where was I could possibly be at. I then heard a different being and felt cold, and I saw a dark shadow stand beside me and introduce himself as Baal he whsipered into my ear that he wanted to introduce me to someone else that wanted to meet me. I felt a fear and an intense desire to run, but felt frozen to what was happening. I then felt an energy rush past me and stand in front of me, but in the middle part of the cave next to the two side entrances.
I saw nothing more than a shadow tall with long arms. The voice again spoke "This is Lucifer". I was shocked and horrified as the figure in front of me began to form. I saw this tall, muscular being, green/black in color with eyes as ours, but black and piercing. I saw these wings that were that of a bats wings with claws at the tips. He smiled at me and I saw his teeth which were pointed and two fangs were clearly visible. He spoke to me and told me that he was a friend and meant no harm to me and that my decision has been made and that it was not over and to prepare. He then began laughing. As he laughed Could hear voices, and I began to see other demonic spirits appear behind him. They were fading from reptilian type beings to normal humans.
They were engaging in every conceivable act imaginable to each other. An endless torture but enjoying it. I felt a pull on my arm and stepped back as I saw Jesus appear before me and begin to yell at Lucifer. The demons disappeared and Lucifer along with Baal stayed almost laughing. Then I looked around and I saw the twelve apostles beside me. At this point I couldn't beleive this was taking place as I still felt as myself before I passed over, and now I was on these journeys. At that thought I saw and heard Jesus command that Lucifer be gone and throw his left arm into the air. Immediately a horrendous scream filled the cave that sent chills through me and they were gone.
Then the apostles grabbed Jesus and ran out the right side entrance to the cave. John the apostle grabbed my arm and we ran behind Jesus. I could hear them yell hurry we must get Jesus out of here now. I looked behind me and saw men, and women running after us with torches in hand screaming obscenities at us. At that point I felt a pull towards the mob of people but not phsyically. I was still with Jesus and the apostles, but my mind had transferred and I felt their feelings as mine. Anger, hatered, disgust, ridicule. They felt an enjoyment they yearned to capture and rip us apart but literally. I felt sick and was pulled back to us running.
I now saw Jesus standing next to me and we were lowered on this rock down into the bowels of the earth. There I was shown tremendous caverns with rivers of hot glowing lava rolling violently down stream. I felt intense heat even worse then the desert. I saw Jesus point and I looked in the direction he pointed and I saw children playing in a beautiful lush playground having fun. I noticed though it was only a small section and surrounding them was hot ashes. The spirits were watching the children playing, but I saw a bubble of protection around the children as the spirits wanted to get in the scene, but were not allowed.
I was shown spirits attaching themselves to people and animals trying to influence the physical fullfilling a plan to come. I saw them searching for a way in to our world and using people/animals to achieve it. They were in desperation to get in but I saw this bubble holding them back.This bubble only exsisted around life forms not everything was protected. I was shown people communing with spirits varying from confused, good, and bad. Trapped by emotions and old thought patterns from a previous life. I was shown people that were crossing over and a grayish cord attached into the physical realm to loved ones that still live on.
I saw horrible demons roaming for souls that were powerful or influential in the world to trap them, and use them in the destruction of other souls. These demons are a different breed that look for leaders to influence. I saw many people that were influenced and knew about it. That made a choice to serve the dark side. I saw them preparing for battle against those who served the light.
I was given explanations to all that occured to me that they were real sequences but adjusted to my personal experience. I was told that the desert was my fear of hell playing itself out as I had judged myself harshly for what I did. The alone aspect was my fear of lonliness playing out. My thirst was for Guidance/knowledge to save my spirit from the hell I created. I was told that a spiritual battle was unfolding and that I must return. I would be receiving guidance from earth angels and teachers that would appear and guide me. I would also be introduced to angelic guides to help me along during times of distress.
I then was shown the earth and massive geophysical changes that began taking place in front of me from Tornadoes to earthquakes that rolled the land in the midwest, and crushed the eastern coast of the US. I was shown a tidal wave that would hit Florida. I saw a volcano in yellow stone explode as if the ground blew outwards and massive amounts of debris and ash would spew from this massive hole. It would be seen and photographed around the world. It would cause earthquakes in the midwest and along the mississippi river. I was shown the great lakes region inundated with water from Cleveland to New York the great lakes become one.
After these events I was told that the physical changes are a reflection of mass consciouness and the confusion and hoplesness in our minds. Leaders leading people away from what is truth. Then I heard "What is above so is below" The battle has reached our ground our realm and it is too late, but what we can do is prepare and understand that love and truth is the answer to salvation from this exsistence.
I was now shown attacks on US soil. I was shown a massive draft occuring of our young men and woman after a series of deadly attacks that cripple the US Economy. I was told the purpose was to take away our freedoms and make us live in fear. Which was enslavement in the spiritual realms. I was shown Florida and Chinese soldiers moving in from the Atlantic. I saw battles for buildings such as banks and power stations all public utilities were being secured by these soldiers. I saw young men being blown to shreds by grenades in one building.
Then it moved to San Fransisco as I was being shown this man standing on a street corner with a white chemical suit and green mask that was supplied with O2. In his hand I saw a vial and I saw people running and screaming from buildings. I felt a pulling energy and saw myself again in darkness standing next to Jesus. He told me that it was not my turn and that I needed to prepare others. I was told that others will mock me, and attack me along the way. I would have many trials and tribulations to deal with and that whatever the outcome of our future is, we need faith and the desire to live with love and light not just in our hearts but a love and light that consumes our being.
When these words were spoken to me I found myself sweating and gasping for breath. I looked around and I found myself in the bathroom in my fiance's arms crying along with my friend. At that time I couldn't believe they were sad for me, but I was so happy with what had taken place. It angered them both for sometime for what I put them through. I am grateful for this second chance to help in any way I can. I am grateful for life and the ability to take a step back at times and just breathe and realize God's gifts.
From that point on almost everything that was said to me has come true and my spirit has progressed in leaps and bounds. I hope that all of you who may read this gather some sort of insight from one of many messengers that have chosen to serve.
God's blessings to all
Luis Santiago Sr. 
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light 

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