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Protection - What does it mean to us?

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth

Pillar Of Light would like to present Messenger's message to us on Protection. He explains the process involved and how it works. Messenger also discusses the different ways one can protect themselves from negative influences. We hope you enjoy Messenger's insightful message on Protection.  
"Protection what does it really mean to us? This is a topic that appears in many forums. My dear friend Jan had brought this topic to my attention. She was right that many need an understanding in Protection. I present to you this Message with the intention that a new more profound view can be perceived. Blessings and may the creator bless all of your highest endeavors."
~Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.~ 



My dear friends in spirit, I share with you my teaching on protection. I was asked to release my teaching at the request of a dear friend. My dear friend was right in our need in understanding protection, and what does it really mean to us all, and how can we protect ourselves? First we need to discuss the different types of protection that many throughout the world practice.

No. 1

Objects such as crosses, bibles, holy water, pictures, sea salt, mirrors, crystals, books, statues, rosaries, etc.

Many people around the world use objects for protection. For instance, crucifixes hanging on a wall for the protection of a home or a dwelling. Rosaries worn around the neck to protect oneself against negative beings and energy. Holy water sprinkled and splashed in the presence of negativity. All of these objects can hold protection for those who use them.

No. 2

Mental visualization techniques such as the white light technique, mirror imaging, mental confrontations and battles, love and light energy beaming, the bubble technique. There can be numerous mental techniques, for each individual is different. You are only limited by your imagination. But one needs to remember that imagination is actually energy in motion.

No. 3

Invocations, prayers, mantras can also be used and hold great power. A prayer can be used for protection and guidance, as well as material assistance in times of great need. Invocations is the calling for assistance in times of need which can be angelic, or directly calling for God or the creator. A common phrase that you will hear many use during a time of distress is:

"Please help me God!"

Mantras is the repetitive use of sacred words and even symbols or phrases for protection. An example of a mantra for protection is a phrase in Hebrew which is:

"Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth"

Meaning Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts. This is a powerful mantra and also an invocation that is used primarily for contact, initiation, but above all protection. But with mantras the use of words or phrases in its correct language and pronunciation send a specific vibrational energy. If the mantras are not pronounced correctly or in their correct dialect it will not work correctly. With prayesr and invocations one must approach these with seriousness. This is much like receiving a phone call, you call to a particular angel, saint, or even the creator. They receive your call, but you must approach this with a deep need or desire to receive what you are asking for.

If you view this in its entirety you may wonder how do these methods offer protection. What is the actual force behind the protection no matter what you use? The answer is the creator, the universal energy. This may seem like a simple answer to a rather complex topic. It does not end there though you are vital link in this process also. You must have two major steps in acquiring protection.

No. 1 - Belief in a higher power.

No. 2 - Faith in your beliefs.

Belief and faith together make the foundation to build a life with meaning and purpose. We can only learn faith when we believe in a higher power. Most importantly faith, but true faith can not be built without trials and tribulations in one's life. It is through tragedy, small or large in scale that we come to learn what faith really is. You see my friends no one can show you faith, or even teach you about faith. Faith must be learned and lived. When you have these two important elements no matter what you use be it mantras to objects, visualizations to even prayers. You with the creator are responsible for the protection. Your belief and faith guide you directly to the creator. An object or mantra is nothing when you do not believe or have faith. Without these crucial elements you would have no protection no matter what you use.

The creator does and can offer immediate protection even if unaware, which we call a divine intervention. For example if we take some of the stories from people on 9/11 we see people who had canceled their flights out of a premonition or even a dream, and avoiding a tragedy, or stories of mysterious strangers appearing and helping those that are in need only to dissappear after they have been saved or rescued from a dire circumstance. A divine intervention is structured to show automatic guidance. To allow you the understanding that you are being guided and naturally protected. In other words an introduction to the creator's presence in your life, a wake up call.

For others the law of free will dictates that for most people they must make the first attempt by calling for intervention or a miracle to occur. When we call out to the creator for protection we must believe and have faith that it will be received. One very important concept to remember always is that we can not choose how and when the help or call will be answered or in what way it will come. Again you must have faith and a belief in a higher power. All this boils down to one simple equation:

God/Creator + You + Belief + Faith = Protection

As funny as this may sound to you, I can use a vegetable and if I believe and have faith that the vegetable will offer protection to me it would do so. For example you may see people carrying a rabbits foot for protection and luck, and people who wear garlic around the neck to ward off spirits. It is that mental connection, that oneness with the creator that actually is the force behind the object. Now there are certain objects such as churches, shrines, statues, crucifixes, bibles, rosaries that offer protection even if one does not believe that it does. That is because many people over time can transfer a part of their energy into an object. Over a period of time and with the help of many people the object can seem to take a life of its own as energy has been embedded within the object. For example a holy shrine that many people may visit over time to pray and make offerings, such as candles. They are literally charging this holy shrine with energy. Which can in some instances manifest itself in the physical. Such as statues shedding tears, spontaneous healings and apparitions of saints, Bibles that have mysteriously survived fires. Even under these circumstances the creator, the people, their beliefs, and their faith embedded the objects with their energy. You begin the process and the creator aids you.

Now that we have discussed protection it is vital that we discuss the different methods involving protection and how to use them:

Crosses, holy water, sea salt, mirrors, vinegar, rosaries, statues, pictures, crystals

These are again merely objects that you need to charge with energy before use. This is where imagination comes in. To charge objects for use in protection you can use prayer or mental visualization. For instance I personally use pendants of saints for added protection. How I charge them is to visualize White light surrounding an object and filling it with truth and purity, then I dedicate that particular object for its intended use either aloud or mentally. While I am doing this I hold the object or lay hands over the object. In other instances I will also use holy water and prayers.

Let's discuss holy water for a moment holy water is merely water that has been dedicated to the creator for the purpose of healing and protection, but also cleansing of the spirit. A common theme all around the world is the belief that water cleanses thel mind, body, and spirit such as baptisms which is a cleansing of the spirit to allow the work of the creator to come through you. To feel the oneness of the creator's energy intertwined with yours. To charge water you can use prayer or mental visualization to achieve this. There are some people who charge water with energy and love and place to the side to drink at a later time when they feel they need or a recharge of positive energy or influences. This area is for you to decide personally there is no wrong way you must experiment and find what works for you.

Now I will discuss sea salt and mirrors. You will find people who use sea salt to ward off negativity or negative energies. How this is done is to simply buy sea salt, most grocery stores will have sea salt you take the sea salt and toss it on people, objects such as cars, homes, and pet's, etc. You can find many uses for sea salt as you toss the sea salt use a prayer, or invocation to destroy and bind any negative energy that may be affecting you. You can even use sea salt in your bathwater or rub it on you to recharge you and for protection. Mirrors can also be used mentally and physically. Mirrors symbolically are reflections and doorways, when confronting negative energy you can mentally use a mirror to reflect negativity back to its sender, and you can also raise the frequency of the negativity so that when it bounces off the mirror the person who sent the negative energy will feel it even worse. Mirrors can also be used in the physical you can again charge and dedicate the mirror to repel negativity. Many will also use vinegar to wipe objects with in order to cleanse and recharge after uses. The vinegar in its natural acidic state cleanses and repels negativity.

Here are some mental visualization techniques that can also be used:

White light, bubble of light, love and light energy beaming, and spiritual battles and confrontations. White light is extremely powerful as it is a combination of all colors, an intertwining of different energies and vibrations into one, which also resembles the creator the oneness of everything. White represents truth, purity, angelic qualities, protection. You can use a bubble of white light to surround you, but nothing can get in nothing can penetrate this bubble of energy. How you charge bubbles of white light is with each breath imagine that as you inhale you increase the size and the energy of the bubble filling it with energy. With each exhale the bubble decreases in size and energy. You must imagine this bubble as a living entity that surrounds you and works with you as if you are one. When you breathe the bubble responds. Love and light energy beaming is the combination of the energy of love coupled with light. How to invoke the energy of love would be merely to think of an instance or a time when you experienced happiness and joy. Use this feeling along with white light and direct it towards the negativity and imagine the negativity being consumed and destroyed and what is left is love and light. Another method that some may use is spiritual battles and confrontations you will find people that are natural warriors they are more physical than mental. This physical state of awareness transfers into the spiritual realms. There are people that will fight and confront the negative energy and engage in battle with the negative energy until it is gone or it has submitted. Examples of this can be found during exorcisms where spirits will manifest in the physical and battle anyone who tries to help. This technique is risky and very dangerous and one must be trained in this area.

Now we have prayers, invocations, and mantras. The use of prayers such as the lords prayer and other prayers for protection can be said, but again we must realize that this must be taken seriously and not in jest. Here are some prayers that you can use but remember that a prayer is merely talking with the creator such as talking with a friend. It is not required that you follow specific prayers. Like objects prayers can become embedded over time with energy and even if we do not believe, saying the prayer can protect us. Here are a few prayers for protection:

Our father thou art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our holy bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who may trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen

Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Say 5 Hail Mary's followed by our Father for immediate protection.

Father/creator please protect me from any negative energy that may try to overtake me. Father I ask that the Arch Angel Michael protect me from harm and I bind any negative energy and send it back to where it belongs. Amen

Experiment with your prayers and look at them instead as conversations with the creator because essentially that is what it boils down to. So my dear friends I hope this teaching on protection helps you but also gives you a deeper understanding of the relationship involved in protection between you and the creator. Belief and faith is essential, if you do not have this foundation than how can you be protected as you do not believe or have faith. May the creator bless you all and may your highest endeavors be successful.

~Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.~



Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light

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