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Astral Travel - OBE

Pillar Of Light would like to present a special topic that many people would like to experience. Messenger will share his special Astral Travel Technique called Astral Illumination Technique or "The Halo Effect". We hope you enjoy this special Article by Messenger. 
"This technique was developed in 2000 with my guides and myself. I used this program and it has worked for me, as well as others. Try this Technique for thirty days and see the results."
Blessings and may the Creator bless all of your highest endeavors.
~Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.

Astral Illumination Technique

"The Halo Effect"

Written by Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.



"The Halo Effect"

This Program is an intensive 30 day technique to develop Astral Travel abilites devoloped by Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.


~Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.~

This program works on Belief, Desire, and Focus. This Astral Training Program must be taken seriously in order for you to experience the full potential of Astral Traveling. You must Believe that there is more to this life than meets the eye, or an acceptance of the paranormal. You must have Desire, a desire that drives and motivates you to partake in this experience, and bring you

closer to the creator. You must have Focus, to focus your mental energies (thoughts, emotions), and concentrate these energies to achieve your goal of experiencing the awe and wonder of this Universe.

Now that we have covered the basic requirements let's begin discussing Astral Projection or Astral Traveling. Astral Traveling is the transfer of consciousness into what is called the light body, our essence or spirit. When this euphoric state of awareness is achieved you transfer to what is called the Astral Realm another dimension of reality and perception. In this realm you have no perception of time. Time is nonexsistent in this realm when one Astral Travels 5 minutes of Earth Time can seem like hours in the Astral Realms. When it comes to interacting with this environment it is powered by thought not action. Thought is your guide in the Astral as to what you will experience. There are also no physical limitations upon the spirit body, if one desired to fly, the mere focus of thought will produce the result instantly. You are free of any physical limitations, you have merged into the universal consciousness. Now traveling to planets, star systems, visiting loved ones that have passed or are living today, engaging with angels, saints, extra-terrestrials is all possible with Astral Traveling, and even more.

Astral Traveling is an awakening of self realization and the knowledge of connecting to the universal consciousness, but beyond this is the interaction one can have. We can control and interact with our Astral Environments. The only limitation here is you. You are either going to open the door or quickly shut the door when the experience occurrs. Astral Traveling can produce a varied amount of sensations such as numbness, paralysis, tingles, humming vibrations throughout the body, etc. The experience varies from person to person not everyone will react the same or even experience the same reality. There may be similarities between individuals but not exactly the same. Astral Traveling can be related to death of the physical body in terms of sensations. In the Astral State we can often look down on ourselves and view ourselves from a different perspective. We know that we are there asleep but yet our consciousness is the same as when you are awake. You now confront yourself in a duality mode. Attached but yet seperate the body's processes continues while you explore the heavens. The body is much like an automated machine even though our consciousness is apart from the physical body, our body remains active and normal as usual. Now there are physical changes that take place when we Astral Travel and of course that is tied directly in with what you may be experiencing at the time. Heart Rate can rise or slow down, Blood Pressure can fluctuate as well as body movements involving the Limbs and Eyes, and also Brain Wave variations.

Now let's explore how consciousness transfers. When one begins the journey of Astral Travel we must imagine the physical body laying down. Now imagine your consciousness in layers when we step into our spirit body we literally pull these light layers and begin to rise out of the body as we rise the layers merge into a light body, and seperates from the physical body. You are still attached as your body is connected with you always during Astral Travel, but again what seperates you is thought. If one were to experience fear or anxiety we immediately are pulled back into our physical body. An example that is often overlooked by many is when we experience the falling effect during sleep. Where we reach a state of awareness and our spirit body along with our physical body merge. Now sometimes this can happen violently or quickly. What we in turn feel is the "Falling Effect" where it actually feels as if we are falling and we literally can jump into a waking state. Realizing that we were falling but yet we are now awake. This many times is shrugged off as a dream reaction. This is the bodies merging and it does not happen all of the time ,but when it does it has been known to scare many. Now there are also times when one may consciously awaken but find themselves unable to move or even speak for a few moments. At times the consciousness is faster than the light body. The spirit body is made of light and travels quickly but the mind or your thoughts can occur immediately. Your consciousness is back in your physical body but your spirit body is still detached. For most people this experience can last minutes to seconds and for many it produces fear and almost appears as if one has died and lost bodily functions. Now when the bodies merge again the numbness or paralysis subsides. The paralysis is direct result of the seperation of the spirit body with the physical body. When merging takes place the energies become as one again allowing normal processes to take place.

When we fall asleep we enter the Astral Realms every time. It is a normal function of the human experience. We are human in basic form but far beyond the physical body lies a deeper perception and awareness, but a connectedness to the universe and its consciousness. Our mission in Astral is to use this normal awareness that everyone has and utilize it to benefit our lives and the lives of others. We need no machines, aircraft, space vehicles, telephones everything is accessible and possible with the power of your thoughts. Now the question lies how do we learn to utilize this and incorporate it into our own lives? With this special Program I have developed I will show you how this can be done, and guide you on your way to experience and interact with the state of awareness through the "Astral Illumination Technique", or "The Halo Effect". "The Halo Effect" is the halo of light seen around the various saints and angels, Jesus, this light that emerges from the crown chakra is representitive of the bodies of light emerged as one. If we learn to utilize this powerful concept we call Astral Travel we illuminate ourselves and when we realize this realm and interact with it our lives become enriched and filled with purpose and meaning giving us illumination and the opening of psychic awareness thus creating the emerging of bodies as one or "The Halo Effect".


"The Halo Effect"


This technique is to be used for thirty days with no pauses or breaks during the intiation phase. This is what you will need to do, and why:

1. Drink plenty of fluids preferably water or natural juices such as cranberry, apple, or orange juice. This will help cleanse the body of toxins which will in turn have an effect upon the mind, but most importantly increase psychic awareness.

2. Avoid meats if possible, or large meals as this will impact your digestive system and produce toxins within the body and interferes with Astral Projection as the body works to digest the meat product, or large meal.

3. Avoid large amounts of liquor and try not to have a cigarette before bed as this will produce toxins and interfere with natrual body processes. Liquor can be extremely dangerous as what you will experience in many instances cannot be controlled, and also the effects that it has upon the physical body is damaging. Now if one consumes a glass of wine that is fine but never perform Astral Taveling in an intoxicated state.

4. Avoid chocolates or high sugar candies or drinks as that produces an opposite effect than desired as this produces energy and we must allow our consciousness and body to relax.

5. Clear emotions of anger, sadness, etc. as these emotions can interfere and prevent you from achieving this State of Awareness. By clearing emotions we must acknowledge the emotions and then mentally release them. You can do this in several techniques such as the bubble technique, where one acknowledges the emotion and brings it out and imagines a bubble enveloping the emotion and letting it fly away from you. Find what works best for you.

Once these steps are performed we can now begin the process of achieving this awareness.

1. Produce a journal and dedicate it to Astral Travel and write all of your experiences. This is important as this will be your guide and validation of what is occurring in your life. As you record this into your Journal you will find that the energy will increase and you will train yourself to look for details and open the connection. Many times also you may recieve symbols, messages, and this can play an important role for you. So this is very important.

2. Write messages, or say prayers prior to bed such as: I will Astral Travel Tonight! I will experience Astral Travel! I will not be scared or have fear! I will is the most important phrase it inspires action. Energy in motion writing these simple affirmations down will program your experience and direct your thoughts which is extremely important. It is much like studying for a test the night before, a sort of refresher before the big test. Well that is the same as writing the affirmations. It is refreshing your mind that this is the direction you wish to go during sleep.

3. Use special objects if needed such as your favorite picture, a crystal, stone whatever makes you feel comfortable. These objects can be embedded with your thoughts and help increase psychic awareness. This is not a requirement as everyone is different.

4. Look daily into the mirror at yourself and say your affirmations such as: I will open my awareness! I will accomplish this! Again these affirmations throughout the day are powerful and literally programs your consciousness and prepares you for the Astral Travel moment.

5. Read books about Astral Travel, poems, teachings, anything soak it up like a sponge and increase your knowledge on Astral Travel and it's processes from varied sources to gain a fuller meaning and understanding. Look at pictures of spirit bodies immerse yourself in these pictures imagine this occuring to you during sleep. It will program an image and allows the mind to grasp the concept easier.

6. The final Step is Belief, Desire and Focus this cannot be addressed enough. This is the main force you have to believe in this, and then have a deep desire such as wanting to go to college or get that long overdue promotion. You must have that desire to achieve your goal. After we have the belief, and the desire we need to focus our energies and dedicate yourself fully into this. Psychic perception lies within us all but for some it has been covered. Are you going to actively uncover this? If so, then you must focus your mental energies by preparing the mind, body, an spirit.

Follow this program for thirty days without giving up, or missing any days. You will experience an Astral Event and embark on a journey that will take you to the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond. Don't give up astral experiences are gifts we must exercise patience and allow this experience to unfold with gentleness and understanding. We cannot pick the time at first but we can prepare for when it does occur. It is like riding a bicycle, we get on it and perhaps fall down, but through practice we realize our goal and begin controlling our balance and at the same time using our body to gain control of the bicycle allowing us to ride it and experience it. When we have learned this it becomes automatic and we do not even have to think about riding the bicycle it becomes second nature. The same holds true in psychic awareness, practice is paramount. After this has been learned Astral Travel will become second nature also. So take a chance and try this unique program tell us what you have been through in the thirty days. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Blessings and may the creator protect and guide those that use this Technique. May the Creator also bless all of your highest endeavors.

Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.





Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light©

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