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Tragedy - Hurricane Katrina

Father protect us!

Pillar Of Light Would like to present a topic that is still highly charged with emotion and still burned into the hearts and minds of people. The images of destruction, and the reality of the power of our Earth. People faced with Tragedy and living on to see another day. Only the future will tell what is in store for the people who have suffered. It is also a moment of choices that will carry them into the next phase of their lives do they move on, and rebuild, or fall apart. Thank you Messenger for this message of love and hope.
"The inspiration for this Message was due to a post that I encountered. Upon reading the post I felt I had to contribute the lesson behind this all. Tragedy the signal of endings but the spark for new beginings. Blessings to everyone and special blessings to those who have suffered through Hurricane Katrina".
May the Creator bless you and protect you from harm.
~Messenger - Luis Santiago Sr.~

"WHY??? That's a question we are all struggling to answer as we watch the reports of the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I must admit, I watch/read the reports and I can't continue....I have to turn them off. I just can't think about what misery those devasted people are going through. And I wonder what those of you with children are saying in response to their questions. How do you look into those innocent faces and explain to them the horrors that have befallen children their age? Please share what you have told your children about this and other tragedies...maybe together we can answer.....WHY???"

This is a very complex topic to try to explain and use the proper words to describe a complicated situation. In tragedy an ending occurs of one's way of life, but most importantly one's view on what was really important. We must remember that with endings new beginings shall arise. Much like a Pheonix rising from the ashes to live again. When tragedy strikes it presents lessons, but also opportunites for true change if we allow it to, and not miss the lesson for that time for the affected individual. Many are saying in religious circles that this was an act of God for our sins, and there are many also in spiritual circles as well as native american's who call these events Cleansings or purifications. We are in a special time period in our history where mankind is now reaching for other planets to live on and explore. We have seen advances in our technology in the civilian sector to the government sector. An article by an Air Force Official had stated that by 2025 they plan to own the weather. We also have seen where Russia made an offer two years ago to produce a weather event for a country that was in drought. Of course it never materialized. We have also seen an array of Atennas in Australia coined Haarp that actually punches holes into our atmosphere. We now see advances on the battle field from drones carrying missles to sound, and microwave weapons that are currently being deployed in Iraq and Afganhistan. There are technologies that we as civilians have no idea about. Now is there deffinitive proof of these technologies. Yes, and no it is basically up to you to do the research and form your own personal beliefs.
All we need is to look around us today and if we do then we will know the answers. In my mission work I have seen families suffer and brought to their knees through tragedy including myself. For example while I was in Puerto Rico a rather large tropical storm had swept this tiny island. When the storm had passed it had left a number of towns washed out and flooded including a number of key bridges. Many were watching the news and glued to their televisions as images were broadcast of people clinging to trees, and hanging on to rocks anything that would help them avoid being washed away from the flood waters which had now become a raging river consuming anything in its path. Many people felt adandoned as if God and people have left them to die in squander and misery. One thing remained though and that was faith that someone would help them.
The island responded and sent thousands of people including myself to help the ravaged areas. When I arrived by bus to the location my breath was taken from me as I watched survivors walking in a daze searching through rubble that used to be their homes. I saw children alone and crying and some in groups clinging to each other not knowing if we were going to help them. As we unloaded food and water the people seemed to snap out of their daze and make their way to the buses and vans. I saw a variety of emotions from crying, yelling, mumbling, happiness, prayers and hugs. As soon as they received their food and water they would again begin to search and cry for help to find their lost loved ones. One child was found on a hill and next to him was a raging river of water. This child was crying and no one was around. The child was rescued and brought to the camp. We had no idea who this precious child belonged to and many volunteers cried as they took turns holding this beautiful little boy. After a few hours we had found a neighbor that lived close to the child, and had informed us that when the strom hit the houses began to take on water and the high wind forced them to take shelter outside as their homes slid into the river of water. He had stated that when this occurred people clung to trees and boulders, wood anything that would help them stay alive. He began crying describing the ordeal, a few days had passed and still no word about the boys parents or guardians. They were never seen or heard from after that tragic day.
About two weeks had passed by after that tragedy, but what was born out of it was amazing. The little boy was placed into a loving home where the couple could have no children. Now they had a precious child to raise, and love. The people who had lost their homes were now being comforted and new homes were in the process of being built for the families. Bridges were rebuilt by the government and aid was given to all the survivors. If we compare this small but tragic event in terms of Katrina we will find tragedy and sadness, but after the dust has settled a new day and light will dawn. People are now rushing to their aid yes not quick enough to some but it is coming. Money is pouring in to help them. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio has aceepted 25,000 people for each city. Donation drives by police and firefighters here in San Antonio has been amazing as they stood today in 100 degree heat to gather donations on busy intersections. Radio Stations placing a warm welcome but also reaching our own people to open their hearts and let love in. There are also private citizens who are opening their homes as well to receive our neighbors in their time of need. My friends this is who we really are as a human race when we are operating out of love.
Human's are creatures of habit unless we train ourselves otherwise we simply fall back into patterns, and habits. So if there is a lesson what can it be? The lesson is clear and has been anounced by many cultures throughout the world, and throughout the ages. We are separated from each other and above all from our creator. Events such as these serve as signs for readjustment in behaviors, lifestyles, etc. Will we listen or repeat? If we repeat more tragedy awaits us. Yes our planet will have many geophysical events and changes that is our Mother Earth, but if we can learn from these tragedies we can lesson their impact on us personally. These changes are always a part of our earth but mankind through ignorance can quicken and produce more tragic events then what would normally occur.
Our true primary lesson is to align us back to who we really need to be. We need to operate out of love, and open our hearts to each other. Tragedies serve this purpose yes there is desperation, and death, destruction, but after the events we see people pulling resources together and opening their hearts such as the case on 9/11. Four thousand people died that day but what came after was a unity that was not seen in the states for quite some time. In higher sense the destruction is not meant to take away our lives but instead renew our lives but with love and faith in God the creator and in each other. If we cannot love each other openly we cannot love the creator for each one of us is an aspect of the creator. Of course this can go much deeper but what we need to understand that this was to purge away negativity and to bring about change. Now it is up to the victims as well as us to keep our faith and shine our light to the victims. A new begining has now begun for the survivors. Yes uncertain, but that my friends is the beauty and splendor of it all the uncertainty in life is what life is all about a journey a struggle to find yourself or even perhaps lose yourself. Choice is paramount on how we direct our lives. Will we look at them as victims or as people that need our help to get back on their feet. Life continues and so will they.
Tragedy can be a renewal of hope or a loss of life, or property. The most valuable lesson is that material possesions mean little when your life is on the verge of tragedy. What matters in the end is love and those around you. The bonds and links you have made. Material Possesions will come and go much like the tides of an ocean, but people do not come and go as each is unique. We must choose love in order to weather the events to come. This is a percursor and a sign that things are moving in a downward trend, so what do we do keep ignoring the signs or open your hearts and let love in. It is your personal choice to make. That is what I currently tell my boys and the choices that mankind is making. We are either part of the solution or we are part of the problem. 

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Lightę

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