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Opening The Mind And Becoming Sensitized


Here you will find a special program developed by Messenger that he has used on many people to open the door to the mind. The program was given to him through his guides and the soul purpose was to quicken a person into the into the higher realms. So they too can experience the wonder and leave behind destructive patterns.
This program is effective and has worked wonders for people wanting to open the mind and become more sensitive or more intuitive. Readers, and healers have participated also and have become more sensitive after using this program. We hope you enjoy and encourage any of you who participate to post in our blog and give us updates on your progression and what it has done for you!
WARNING: This program uses imagery with color sequences. To induce a hypnotic state of awareness. These pulsating images can induce a variety of sensations in people. If you are sensitive to these images please STOP using it. The images have been known to cause epileptic seizures in people suffering from epilepsy.
"The Osiris Program"
I am excited to share my program that was developed in 2004 with the help of my Guides during numerous sessions on how to open the door quickly and what complications may occur with this program. This program is merely a reflection of what is occurring during these times of transition what was given to me as "Time Slips".
We are becoming more sensitized as time moves on, but there will be times that there will be catastrophes that will reflect a "Slip in Time" concerning people's mental awareness. A standing still even if only for a moment in our time can allow manifestations to occur good/bad in our physical realm. Occuring suddenly then disappearing but leaving you with a feeling of wonder and exploration, or even fear and panic.
A recent "Time Slip" occurred in asia where many on the islands that were devestated by the tsunami report ghosts and spirits haunting resorts and homes along the devestated areas. These are the "Time Slips" , a devestating event in the physical that allowed time to stand still afterwards in people's minds when they viewed the devestation and the loss of life around them. Even though this event was destructive in physical nature spiritually it helped to awaken many others left behind to explore many things after this event on a spiritual level. Such as the appearences of the spirits, the emotions of grief, loss, love, hate all of this with the atmosphere allows the mind to transcend the physical and into the realm of spirit.
The experiences can be viewed as good or bad that depends on the person involved. Every experience phsycially/spiritually contain elements of destruction versus creation within it. Is your view of loss, that of loss or of transition into something else. Your mind the way things are viewed by you will determine experiences or lessons that you can understand in your own way to learn and grow from, and even teach.
This program is unique and spirit given. To use in earnest for those that would like to quicken the pace to enlightenment. Some would say that you cannot quicken the pace but as in the physical as is in the spiritual. You can walk fast or slow and you can learn quickly or slowly. It is hand in hand. The Osiris Program quickens this pace for the upcoming "Time Slips" that will occur. Those that have and want to progress quickly before events occur can do so with the help of this simple program. I have used this program personally and for others and it does wonders for you.
Now is there a catch of course there always is good/bad. I was told many times during the development of this program to give the following statements to everyone who participates:
  • A foundation in spiritual concepts must be within you during your attempts to open. The reason for this is that many things can take place during this program that will have an effect in the way you perceive reality. You must have an understanding of protection and guidance as you are opening a door to the unknown.
  • Learning and practicing protection. Protection is varied and can be done differently for each person. You can pray, use protection mantras. Imagination techniques such as creating a bubble of white light around you. Many things can be done use your guidance on what feels right. There are many entities in the other realms some good, and others not. That is why protection must be held high as this is a serious matter. It is much like driving a car. Your seatbelt provides protection in the case of an accident. The prayer, mantra, or bubble does this also it is your protection from the negative.

These are simple statements but so important as there have been programs developed that deal with focus and and the quickening of the minds abilities such as: Remote viewing which there have been reports of people using Remote Viewing Techniques and suffering mental breakdowns, and depressions.

As you can see this is not to be taken lighthearted. This is real and you must prepare as you would in life for an upcoming event. 

The Osiris Program

Becoming More Empathic 

This Thrity day program is to develop the psychic senses. During the thrity day program one must follow a slight alteration of dieting and breathing exercises as well as drinking plenty of water, and juices. The change to diet will be lessening caffeine intake such as coffee, cut back on candy or chips (junk food). Water and juice intake would also be beneficial at least 6 to 8 10 oz. glasses a day. Any herbals such as green tea also is very beneficial to cleanse the body of toxins. It is mainly up to you as to how you wish to set this up, and how to moderate. Two questions that comes appear is:

 Do you want your senses to develop, and how much effort or focus are you willing to spend?

Breathing is of upmost importance

Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth. Make sure that your breaths are deep, and not shallow. Allow the imagination to play as you breathe in through the nose. Envision positivity coming into you, and with each exhale out of the mouth you imagine negativity, or stress leaving your body. You can also envision receiving love, or universal energy.

Your imgaination is your key to the door. It is good to practice this breathing technique anytime you have a chance to as this will help induce the trance state.

During this program buy a Special Notebook or Journal and keep track of all experiences. Do not leave anything that happened that was out of the ordinary. What you will receive during a session is not controlled by you at first. That comes with time and mental control over your thoughts. This takes practice meditations and focus, but most of all patience. Some will experience sensations immediately while others take time and more sessions.

You will need the following:

1. Alarm Clock that can be set for your planned meditation as it goes off you will ensure that you wake from the trance state.

2. Dim the lights, and light Incense, or aromas that make you feel comfortable even a favorite perfume or colonge.

3. Comfortable background music that soothes you and will help you to relax while meditating. Music should be at a low volume but loud enough to make you feel at ease.

4. Stretch your back and legs and rub your hands together and rub your temples as if having a migraine. In healing the rubbing of the hands produces a field of energy almost as if a ball is made. This unseen energy coupled with heat produces a relaxation effect before begining.

5. Now sit in your comfortable chair and dedicate ten minutes to meditation and the opening of the senses. Say to yourself that :

"This meditation and image will open my senses to becoming a better person."

This is very important as this phrase will direct your focus to the purpose behind the meditation. It is important to use words that relay to your subconscious mind that it has no option but to go with you and not fight you as you made the statement that you will accomplish this.

6. Select an image from the many images available to you from stills that deal directly with certain chakras to pulsating orbs of colors, and black/white. Each has a specific purpose pick one that resonates to you and stick to it. The purpose behind the imagery is to train the mind that the image whenever viewed will open the senses automatically. Over time you will sensitize to the image and go into a meditation upon viewing. With even more time and patience you will find you no longer need the image as you will be fully open.

It is practice and focus if you want to be empathic simply believe it and focus and you will.

7. After clicking the image a larger view of the image will appear use that larger image for your meditations. Gaze at the image, at first your mind will shift and try to figure it out and stop the movement in order to catch up. You will feel different sensations that can vary from sickness, and nausea.

If you experience these sensations try other images, or just

Do not use them.

In most people it can induce happiness, joy, wonder, excitement, colors, objects such as people or shadows. Many things can occurr that is why your Journal will be of major importance.

8. Listen to the music playing and let yourself just take in whatever comes to mind. Don't fight it let the mind drift where it wants. Place no limitations on what you see, feel, taste, or hear. Do not limit yourself. Do this for as long as desired or until the alram clock rings. You can do this as many times as you wish for as long as you want. 

One crucial element is direction in every meditation or guidance. It is best to record your voice and place suggestions accompanied with music. You can use two minutes of actual dialogue and 8 minutes of just listening to the music. Either way you decide to set it up for yourself the voice must be done by whispering so that it is soft in tone as to not startle you. Be slow with your words with certain pauses in between words. If you have a difficult time with this please look at the sample transcript below feel free to add to it or make your own. The power of the voice coupled with aromas, music/tones, and images brings a complete program that can begin a transformation process. The program can be modified to suit your needs. Use it for increasing finaces, boosting self confidence, meeting your guides, etc. There is so much you can do.

9. After the meditation is done relax and just close your eyes as you will find out that you will still see more images and colors pulsating. Use this time to just relax and be grateful and let go with positive affirmations. Tell yourself that:

 "I am open now and will open more as you I continue to do this."

 Say this three or more times.

10. Write in your Journal everything that you felt. It is important. Some even record their sessions and say aloud what they experience during the meditation. Whatever you feel is best will do.

That is the Ten Step Osiris Program use this program for thirty days and you will see an improvement in yourself.

The Osiris program contains the rhythm of one/ten signifying:

10 -  Energy and the hand of God. Destiny, fulfillment, and spiritual essence.

1 - One with God, Creator, Mother/father, mystical, creation, unity.

This number structure represented with the ten steps and ten minute sessions allow for these qualites to shine fourth within the program.

Osiris from Orion who was responsible for one of the programming attempts by the galatic botherhoods to raise the consciouness of the root races that inhabit the earth by showing a model of resurrection versus death. Osiris was subservient to God the creator.

The meaning behind the program is simple and that is to elevate consciousness in preperation for the "Time Slips". The Program is simple but yet so effective as it uses a combination of methods to produce one solid technique to enhance awareness.

Please keep us up to date if you participate in The Osiris Program.

Luis Santiago Sr. ~ Messenger












Meditation Transcript:
Opening The Senses
Talk yourself through the transcript by recording or saying aloud use the timing sequence, and whisper softly if recording.
Look at the picture . . . . . relax and breathe in through my nose . . . . .and out through my mouth . . . . . with each breath I can feel my senses opening . . . . . I allow myself to open and receive . . . . . I open the senses now . . . . . As I listen to the music I will let myself experience and drift . . . . . When I hear the alarm clock I will wake fully refreshed and remember everything . . . . . I will open the senses now and explore  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Listening to music and letting mind wander until alarm goes off.)
Each . represents one second and there are five of them between phrases representing 5 seconds of breathing and silence between each phrase. Again this is only a sample and can be timed or sequenced according to your desires. If you notice they are phrases that command the mind to do what you want it to do. Arrange the timing so that you hear the suggestions for five minutes and letting the mind wander for the next five during the meditations just listening to the background music.
Experimentation pays off here as you learn and grow from this experimenting with different styles and methods to induce meditation. Blessings and Good Journey!
Special Thanks To: for providing the great images.
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish
Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light

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