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Blue Pyramid Manifestation/Meditation


Pillar of light is dedicated to providing information on the opening of awareness. Messenger has provided a special Manifestation/Meditation exercise for those of you looking for avenue on opening the senses.
Blue Pyramid Manifestation/Meditation
Delivered on 12/2004
Breakdown of The Blue Pyramid Manifestation/Meditation
Exploring the meaning behind the Meditation is necessary in the understanding of what is meant, and what is being done when one engages in this powerful meditation exercise.
First let's view what Manifestation/Meditation means to us.
Manifestation/Meditation - Using the power of the mind through thought, and imagination during a meditative or relaxed state of awareness. Invoking or manifesting a specific goal(s), desire, or intent into our three dimensional reality.
Symbology of this particular Meditation:
  • Blue - Psychic senses, intuition, spiritual awareness, and relaxation.
  • Pyramid - Temple of Intiation. The focus of thought as an energy form concentrated and focused through the point on the top of the pyramid.

Using this Meditation can be powerful, and life transforming when used consistently. This exercise deals specifically with manifestation of your desires, goals, or intentions so that you can see a path to becoming the real you.

Let's explore how this can actually be life transforming to you. First you must come to an understanding that all thought forms are created first in another dimension. Once a thought takes form and energy is focused on it. The thought form can come to life in the other dimensions immediately. In our three dimensional reality thought forms can take time in order to manifest as our world is made of physical matter.

Now depending on how much energy is focused  coupled with imagination, thoughts seem to take form almost immediately. For most people though, much focus, time, and patience is needed. If we focus our energies as a group to one purpose we can literally perform miracles. Whether this is done as a group or individually there must be a specific goal as to not scatter the energy, but instead keep it focused as if it is a laser beam focused on your desire or thought form.

Let's look at some areas that this Mediation can be beneficial:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Increasing happiness, and joy

The list can go on and on with the many desires, goals, or intentions that people may have. It is solely up to you to explore and find out what your intentions are. Always be honest with yourself.

Blue Pyramid Manifestation/Meditation

  • Find a comfortable, and relaxing area to meditate for a bit. Lay down or sit comfortably, but make sure that your going to be relaxed during the Meditation.
  • After your settled in begin breathing exercises. Inhale through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Do this until you feel relaxed and loose. As you lay there close your eyes gently and relax even further.
  • Imagine now that colors are beginning to form. You see Pink, White, and Green surround you and form into a bubble around you.
  • Now you control the bubble with your breathing as you inhale the bubble grows brighter in colors, and in size. As you exhale the bubble decreases in brightness and size. Creating an almost rhythm to the bubble as it contracts with you. In this bubble that surrounds you. You will feel love, protection, and healing. Nothing can harm you while this bubble surrounds you.
  • After playing with your bubble a bit and breathing. Imagine now that you see a door appear. You will walk to the door and open it. When you open this door you see the stars and the heavens before you, as if you are floating in space. You see the stars and the different colors, and comets streaking by. Off to the distance you see the moon and sun, then gaze upon the milky way.
  • Now before adventuring into the unknown you need to prepare as if you were going on a hiking trip, or a trip to somewhere else. You would pack essentials that you would need for the trip. Well the same is required, but instead of packing clothes you will pack away your desires, goals, and intentions.
  • You now imagine a backpack or a suitcase. You open it and find it empty. Now imagine yourself writing down your desires on pieces of paper.

For Example:

Pam is using the meditation for enhancing her skills as a psychic, and for help in finances. She mentally imagines that she is writing down on paper that she wants to become more aware and her finances to increase, and places them in a suitcase.

  • As you prepare your backpack you close it and place it on your back. You are now ready to go.
  • Take a deep breath and approach the door, and walk out. As you step out into the universe a bridge takes form. This bridge is a walking bridge for you, and many others that have walked and will walk to the glowing light that you now see in the distance.
  • As you begin your walk imagine the colors of your bubble expanding as you walk towards this white glow.

*It is important to keep in mind that if spirits of a negative nature appear. Imagine that your colors become brighter with each breath. If the spirit comes close it will be overcome by love, and healing. Imagine the spirits staying away from you while you walk this bridge.

  • You approach the glowing white light that now becomes bright. You now look closer and see walls of gold surrounding what appears to be a city. You walk even closer, and a gate appears that opens and allows you in.
  • As you step in you see that it is a city, but filled with pyramids of varying sizes and colors. You look up and see a dome, or bubble of white concentrated light hovering above this pyramid city of lights.
  • You gaze at the pyramids and notice spirits of people such as yourself coming in and going out of many pyramids. You look up again and notice that negative spirits watch through the bubble peering down into the city. They want to get in, but cannot. The city and everything within it is protected.
  • You now focus towards the middle of the city and you see a glowing blue pyramid pulsating almost calling you towards it. You know that this is the pyramid so you begin your walk.
  • You come upon the pyramid and it feels cool and it is glowing intensely now. You see an opening emerge and you walk in.
  • As you walk in you notice that everything is of a blue hue inside. You look at your arm and see a bluish appearence. You feel calm and at peace, and notice that the walls and floor are made of crystal.
  • As you gaze at the pyramid you notice a pillar of light that is rotating towards the middle of the floor, and then a chair appears.
  • You walk to the chair and you see pink, white and blue swirling within the pillar of light, and you hear a voice call out to you:

"My child what have you brought to us!"

  • You remove the backpack and place it in the pillar of light. You see a hand reach and grab the backpack. As the backpack opens it reveals your desires, goals,  and intentions. Then you hear the voice again:

"Thank you my child your desires, and intentions were received."

  • You now sit in the chair and stare in front of you. There you notice a screen that starts to form. You look at the screen and see the heavens as if you were on the bridge again. You now see your future self and see that version of you with your desires, goals, and intentions manifested.

*For Example:

Pam who has asked for her psychic skills and finances to increase sees herself on the screen reading and helping people with her gifts. She sees herself guiding people in convention centers, and spiritual centers. Traveling and enjoying life and people. She sees herself buying a new car to replace the old one that is almost undrivable. She sees herself at peace and with love.

  • You view this mini-movie and notice that the floor and walls have disappeared and you feel as if you are watching it in real time. The sights, sounds, smells are all around you. You have become one with the universal source, creator, god.
  • After a bit of viewing, the pyramid begins to take shape again. Everything from the screen to the chair disappears. You now see an opening emerge and you see the city of pyramids again.
  • You thank your guide(s) and begin to walk out of the pyramid knowing that your desires, goals, or intentions were heard and recieved. You walk out to the city and begin your walk back again.
  • You walk the bridge, but this time you envision happiness and joy surrounding you as you know that you really did interact with your guides.
  • You now see the door again you walk through, close the door, and wake out of meditation

This is the end of the meditation, but after you're done give thanks for all that has occurred. Believe in this phrase:

"If I can see it, I can do it, and if I can feel it, I can be it!"

That says a lot in itself. You must believe and feel it happening in your life. When you imagine you create possibilities and outcomes that fuel transformation into good/bad sequences. Life is a gift and must be valued at all costs. You are here to learn and expand your awareness. Try this special program that has helped me personally, but also has blessed many others who believed and searched for a way to change their lives.

You alone have the power to do this. The power to turn the key of imagination and open the door. This meditation is merely your guide or map to this sacred pyramid city that lies within you. You can use this meditation anytime you feel it is necessary, and modify it to fill your needs.

For those of you who believe that the power is within you try this exercise for thirty days. Tell us what happens, share your experiences with everyone. The more you share the more you will grow inwards as well as outrwards.


Luis Santiago Sr. ~ Messenger



Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish
Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light

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