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Psychic Senses and Clothing


Here is a simple, but effective way to determine a person's mood for the day. How a person may feel can be interpreted and can help you understand those around you a little more. We have uploaded a Class Transcript of his Psychic Senses and Clothing Class on 08/2001.




Psychic Senses and Clothing?


Basic Color Interpretations:

Purple - Spirituality, divinity, passionate, and visionary.

Light Blue - Peaceful, Clairvoyance, intuition, sincere, and affectionate.

Pink - Love, friendly, compassionate, and faithful, warmth, healing.

Lavender - Romantic, imaginative, fantasy, mystical.

Green - Healing, growth, abundance, life, fertility, vitality.

Orange - Creativity, happy, courageous, successful.

Yellow - Energetic, enthusiastic, playful, optimistic.

Blue - Tranduility, peace, trustworthy, Psychic senses.

Turquoise - Refreshing, cool, imaginative.

Red - Energy, passion, romance, determination, anger, self confidence.

Brown - Physical, earth, reliable, stability.

Aqua - Motivated, active, dynamic.

Indigo - Thrid eye, visionary, knowledge, power, integrity, pride.

Gold - Divine, wealth physical, or spiritual, illumination, and wisdom.

Magenta - Outrageous, imaginative, innovative, risk takers. 

White - Purity, cleansing, protection, youthfulness, angelic.

Black - Void, emptyness, lonliness, sensitivity, emotional, death, earth, and stability, secrets.

Gray - Sorrow, security, boredom, maturity.

Silver - Angelic, intuition, reflection, electrifying.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the colors and their suggested influence upon others and yourself. We can begin to see how we can use this to our advantage to liven our days and project what we feel to others.

Read the following examples:

Sue works at a Medical Office as an assistant. Today there will be a meeting that she will have to attend. There she will meet some prominent Doctors. Sue wants to project a happy attitude, but also look energetic, and youthful. She goes to the closet and decides that she will pick an aqua colored blouse, and a white pair of slacks. These colors together will portray these aspects.

Aqua Blouse - Motivated, and active

White Slacks - Purity, and youthfulness.

If you have a good interpretation, and understanding of color you can greatly affect how your day may take shape and how others percieve you subconsciously. You may see people using more of a specifc color in their outfit.

 For example: Let's say Sue decided to accent her outfit with a white handbag, and shoes. Her hair pins are even white. That signifies to you that those feelings, or emotions associated with white are going to over power that of aqua.

Now let's examine how we can read others that have on different colors from family to strangers.

Read the following example:

Tim goes to the local supermarket and meets one of his close friends their. They greet each other. Tim looks at Tina, and sees that she is wearing all black today but has dyed her hair red, and accented her black outfit with a pink belt. As Tim talks with Tina he notices that she is a little upset today, and has asked that Tim accompany her to a movie. Tim of course says yes.

Now if Tim was aware he would notice that Tina was wearing basically all black with only one pink accent which was her belt, and her hair dyed red.

Let's look at this further:

Red hair- Energy, active

Pink Belt - Love, friendly, compassionate.

Black Outfit - Emptiness, lonliness, sensitive, emotional.

The Black in her outfit overpowered all other colors, but the pink also reflected that there was compassion and love, a reaching out to cure the lonliness she had. Her red hair symbolic for the energy within her mind as it is concentrated on the head, she was feeling anxious and did not want to be alone. The belt on her midsection portrayed that she was open to recieving love, or companionship for the day. Emotions were running high for the day.

Now you may wonder how did I get those details when the colors have many meanings. That is where trust and hearing the inner voice comes in, along with your knowledge and understanding of colors, and meanings. Also my insight was also based on other things such as attitude. How they portrayed themselves has to be factored in.

Tim had seen Tina upset more than normal, and a change in her hair and clothing. He noticed that Tina did not want to spend the day alone as she had asked him to watch a movie together. Those details along with color knowledge allows you to focus in on a person's outlook for the day.


Try this yourself, get aquainted with the colors and their meanings. Experiment with colors yourself and try to read others feelings or emotions for the day by reading their attitude, and using the color knowledge. Listen carefully as you read the meanings and examine people to interpret moods. Some color meanings will stick out or be highlighted to you, always go with the first impression and don't doubt. Many people try to hide their emotions, but the truth is we all cannot hide from who we really are. Our personality, or ego assumes that we can hide our emotions from others, but deep down in the universal mind our emotions and thoughts are one.

This concludes this class please use this technique and report back any successes, and share with others. Use people who you can get feed back from on your interpretations based on color. You may be suprised.

Luis Santiago Sr. ~ Messenger



Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish
Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light 

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