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Pillar Of Light II - Featured Spotlight/Guests

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Pillar Of Light would like to present our sister site Pillar Of light II which is completely aimed at our Featured Guests and our Spiritual Essence Award Winners. To visit our Award Winners for outstanding service towards others, and our featured guests please click on the Pillar Of Light II Logo above. We hope you enjoy our new sister site.
 Sherril Gail Gorr also known as blue_bird_whispers 
A talented poet/teacher who messenger had met  through an angelic intervention. He feels compelled to share her work with her permission to those of you who visit our site, and we are happy to share it also.
Here is what Messenger has said about our Featured Guest:
"Sherril is amazing and has a unique gift that she has been blessed with. She is a poet but beyond that. Her poetry is not only insightful, and thought provoking, but it stirs emotions within you as you read her words. She is a teacher as her poetry conveys deep teachings of our spiritual evolution, our creator, and the angelic realms of exsistence. You can feel the Angels presence surround you as you read the words that she has been guided to write. She is a humble lightworker who will help many through her inspirational poetry. Blessings to all who read her poems and study them as they are more than just poems, but food for our spirit."

COPYRIGHT 2005 Sherril Gail Gorr

Drawing to seclusion
Mirror of illusion
Bearers of their pride
Spirited guidance to provide
Wherefore the seasons
Be at their glory
Sentimental profound reasons
Combine the story
Oh, glorious beings of flight
Our angels we summon to all
Be it to signal their light
They cherish hearing our call
Forever they combine the glory
And send it to mankind
They tell never to worry
For all is worth sublime
They catch our tears
Surround our fears
With love, joy and happiness
Angels of love
Angels of light
All signals are of worthiness
Creation instills foreverness
Optimism inherits love
Always know beingness
Is brought from heaven with the dove
Peace and goodwill the angels cry
As they courageously watch us fly
Our wings are silently waiting
For the rise of our contemplating
To administer our goals accomplished
To live in peace decided
Our souls mana will nourish
All comfort and light provided
We are all angels in waiting
Come to the heavenly parade
We stand in the light stating
We are one, we are not afraid
The light secures and envelopes
All children of this world
The angels glistenings develop
All finishings entwined
So be it, all will be seen
Creators face will show
In angels eyes that beam
The love light within us to grow
Be not afraid, the angels lament
Your soul has been counted
The laws of creation are sent
For all humanity is wanted
Angels are forever with you
Walking beside you now
They always hold you true
Your heart keeping is their vow
Remember their embrace
Remember their allegiance
Remember their grace
Remember their alliance
Angels are with you now and forevermore
Angel Realm
sherr ...
Sherril Gail Gorr

Angels Song - COPYRIGHT 2005 Sherril Gail Gore

Angels Song
Come sing with us
Upon this day
Come be with us
Lighted hearts, is the way
Come sing with us
Our reception is kind
We will lift to trust
Our hearts to bind
Come fly with us
To heavens embrase
Stars await, you are blessed
Of flights sacred grace
Come talk with the angels
Our arms are open
Our foreverness mingles
Never to forsaken
Come see what is there
In this universe sublime
For you will find your share
Of hearts intertwined
Come be in knowingness
Oh sweet ones of light
Mercy and forgiveness
All fortune in sight
Come with us upon nigh
This galaxy so fair
Your travels, your sigh
Upon your hearts compare
Come dance with us in dreams
Where life's eternal shows
Be not afraid of being
When darkness forms their glows
Come to us little children
When fear of monsters shows
We will surround as brethern
Until light inside you grows
Come one and all forsaken
We understand your plight
We will all be partaken
Of your surround and your fight
Come to us all who fear
Of sounds adminst your home
We will protect to where
Your safety , you are never alone
Come to us who are sad
We will cover you with brightness
Of the suns of heavens glad
Forever bringeth whiteness
Come to the angels in heaven
For any reason you need
We are your servants given
To sing for you , our creed
Come sing with us
Upon this day
Come be with us
Lighted hearts, is the way ...
sherr ...
Sherril Gail Gore

What truly inspiring poems, we hope you enjoyed Sherril Gorr's aka blue_bird_whispers poems and teachings. She has left a message through her Angels for us. Please read and absorb her message and don't forget to check for updates on Sherril Gorr's upcoming book in the near future. Thank you Sherr for sharing yourself with all of us at Pillar Of Light and beyond.

*UPDATE - 9/06/2005*

We would like to announce yet another inspirational book by Sherril Gail Gore.

"Bluebird In Whsipering Thought"

What can we say about this precious spirit other than thank you for your contributions and effort in making this world a better place with your gifts and talents.

UPDATE - 8/26/2005*

We would like to announce an update on Sherril Gail Gorr's book

"Poetic Whispers Of Blue"

This book is now available for purchase don't miss out on Sherr's inspirational and enlightening Poems/Teachings for all of us. We personally would like to congratulate Sherr on her accomplishment and send her our best wishes of success.

Click her books below to purchase "Poetic Whispers Of Blue", "Bluebird In Whispering Thought" today.



"Congratulations Sherr on your new book. I know you will go on to inspire many through your gifts and talents. To those of you who are serching for a deeper meaning to life and in need of wisdom and knowledge. Then don't hesitate to purchase her book. I send my blessings to everyone and a special hug and blessing to Sherr for her ability to share with us all in an open, and loving manner. You are blessing to us all!"


"Amazing Sherr what a blessing it is to know you. You are shining example of what we can achieve if we focus, have desire, and faith to carry out our inspirations. May the Creator bless you Sherr and those of you who visit and read this page."

Poetic Whispers of Blue - Sherril Gail Gore

Bluebird In Whispering Thought - Sherril Gail Gore


"Be still your heart and look inside, do not hide, peoples of this earth, we come to you as streams of glorious lights to all who read these words, the earth and her peoples are courageously enforcing their truth, be as this may, the angel realm will help all who ask, your heart is our heart, we are your servants of promise, recognized as lighted beings, to fulfill the word of creator, ... enrich yoursleves with compassion, forgiveness and righteousness, in that is the way to eternal bliss of lighted spaces, in this we bless each and every soul, and each and every form of life upon this planet, we hereby give to all our truth of belonging, with deep love and affection, ....."

"Bless us , we are the children of creator , let my heart be open unto you , and capture infinite belonging and wealth of fortune of wisdom, to rightfully place, my energies in your grace, to instill favour in my place, and be one with your grace of majesty of all, ... ...  to you, this day, come forward in time, be who you really are inside, feel your heart, beating with the earths heart, together, not seperate, in this is oneness beyond comprehension, be alert and be honest and be optimistic in all ways, love your fellow man, love yourself, and love creator,...  in this incantation of the leagues of promise of light ...."

"Shining beacons of light surround you and hold you and caress you, feel this inside and outside, my dear ones of this earth, remember we are there, in all ways, for all ... ... ... ..."

Sherril Gail Gorr
aka blue_bird_whispers

Click Blue Bird For Sherril's And Janice's Site
Namaste - blue-bird-whispers ~ JoyfulSpirit1962
blue_bird_whispers - JoyfulSpirit1962

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Light
Poems were provided for use, and with permission by:
 Sherril Gorr aka blue_bird_whispers

Pillar Of Light would like to present:
Janice Parkes aka JoyfulSpirit1962 
She is a Poet, Writer, and Spiritual Advisor. Who was brought to our attention by Messenger as Janice and Sherr manage their site Angels and Lightworkers. Here is what Messenger had to say about Janice.
"Janice is a powerful presence, her poetry conveys deep thought that when one reads we become lost in the teachings. As it overwhelms the senses and leads us to explore her words further. Her poetry helps us develop a better spiritual understanding of the Creator, and life, but also much more than can be described with words. Janice has indeed been blessed and her story and poetry needs to be conveyed to others. Read her poems and become empowered!"
Here are two of Janice's Featured Poems, and her Message/Bio:

COPYRIGHT 2005 Janice Parkes

~Eternal Flame~
Close your eyes dear one of light feel my eternal flame, you are that eternal flame. You are the light spark along side me shining ever brightly. Do you not feel the warmth of your heart as it beats within that living breath of eternity of light source? It was always there never did it ever leave for I would not ever leave although at times you my dear one felt that it did. The flame has many high points as it does lows but conquer them you can and you will as sure as the rivers of life flow for eternity. Be as one with me for now and forever my love flows within and forever light within light the flame of love and light are eternal blending like a musical note on the breeze see how sweetly you sing with that note like the sweetest of birds in paradise.

Message from Creator received June 28th 2005

From Janice.
Janice Parkes
aka Joyful spirit1962


COPYRIGHT 2005 Janice Parkes

How do we see humanity? Are we all within the whole as oneness or do we dwell each with our own company? We are all the same we just dont SEE really SEE.
We can be the adored or are we the adoring. People the humanity that we call ourselves are forever changing just as life is. Jesus was our humanity were we the adoring as he hung on the cross? Or disrespect was that our goal? It wasn't, you, them, it was him....... We moved away shouted like cowards followed others not our hearts.......
Who is the humanity now remembered...... thousands of years on after he died....... to live on in thoughts, memories, and eternity..... The wounds can be seen still..... do they heal or it time? About time that........ humanity took note......Or does time pay no heed as the wounds still bleed.
Are wounds kissed or ignored.

Written by Janice.
Janice Parkes
aka JoyfulSpirit1962


~Janice Parkes - Message/Bio~
We are here because there is no refuge finally from ourselves. Until a
person confronts themselves through the eyes and hearts of others they are running. Until they share their secrets, to suffer them, they have no safety from them. Where else but on this common ground can we find such a mirror. Here, at last, a person can appear clearly to themselves; not as the giant of their dreams nor the dwarf of their fears, but as a man or woman, a part of the whole with their share in its purpose. On this ground we can each take root and grow, not alone anymore but alive to ourselves and to others. Even at death there's no such thing as death.... You cant die for the life of you. There is a continuing eternal life beyond this physical life that we know of. I was born at 28 weeks gestation in the 1960s along with my twin sister. I weighed 3 pounds my sister even less at 2 pounds 10oz. We were in hospital for the first 3 months. Then at around the age of 18 months it was found I had cereable palsy in my legs. I had many operations in the early years as corrective surgery. It was during one of these operations that I had an out of body experience. I was shown many things spiritually including planetary changes. I was told its so important to take care of our planet if we dont the consequences can be far reaching for humanity as a whole. I visited a place within the heavenly realms called the Crystal City (a soul growth area of learning) there were many of us watching the possible impact on giant screens. We watched in stunned silence to witness the possible devastation was horrific. Some of us cried out... I was told "Tell everyone who will listen" Mother Earth is a beautiful living breathing being. ... "every action leads to a reaction." This experience has had a profound impact on my life... I was lucky enough to meet Creator he is such an awesome essence of being with such a wonderful sense of humour..... Creator loves us unconditionally with love that is humanly beyond our understanding it is in our weakest moment that we find our greatest strength.It is in our vulnerability that we find promise and depth. It is in our hopelessness that we find hope. It is when we give up on what we can see that we reach beyond it and find the love that transcends it. I now work as a lightworker, poet, writer and spiritual advisor to others who need assistance. I have a website, and If anyone reading this needs help in anyway please dont hesitate to contact us between these two sites thank you.
To someone you are the world, to the world, you are someone.
Wishing you love and a rainbow of light.....
Best wishes from Jan.

We hope you enjoyed Janice Parkes aka JoyfulSpirit1962's poems and teachings. We truly loved them both and we agree with Messenger. Janice is blessed and Pillar Of Light is thankful that she has shared her gifts with us. Pillar Of Light would also like to add that Janice is in the process of writing her new book entitled:
"A Rainbow Of Light"
Her book will entail her life story and her inspirational poetry to give hope, and help to others. Please check Janice and Sherr's Site, and Pillar Of Light for updates on her upcoming book.
Pillar Of Light would like to bless each and every one of you for taking the time to explore and perhaps learn.
To go to Janice and Sherr's Site click Sherr's blue bird, and join them today.
Thank you Janice Parkes and Sherril Gorr for sharing yourselves and providing a sanctuary so that others can share and learn also. Blessings and hugs from all of us at Pillar Of Light!
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Lightę
Poems were provided for use, and with permission by:
Janice Parkes aka JoyfulSpirit1962

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