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Power Of Focused Thought/Creation

Pillar Of Light would like to present one of Messengers Teachings about the Power of Thought/Creation and how it relates to us. This is great information and we hope you enjoy Messengers enlightening information.


"A giant hug and blessings to those that may read this message. I am happy to share what I have learned along my travels in life. My only hope is that what pours out of me can be of benefit to someone who believes. I am being urged to send a message to discuss the power of thought and creation, and how we are actually co-creators in this wonderful exsistence. I have discussed this in seminars with others that have problems with negative thoughts, or just needing a change in attitude but not knowing how to go about it. I will share with you some of that information from one of my seminars."

The Power Of Thought/Creation

Thoughts are the food of creation, without thought we are lifeless with no direction. That is one of many aspects of human nature that makes us unique on this Earth from other life forms. Is our ability to turn thought into creation good or bad. We must understand that our thoughts are created immediately in other realms. In our physical three dimensional reality one must take into account our physical concept of time. Time interferes with manifestation of thought forms.

So how can we break the boundries, and produce a quicker time table in accomplishing our goals through thought?

When we are in thought we expend energy into the thought as we focus more the energy increases and becomes stronger. Since your thought forms already exsists in another realm what is needed is mental focus and a desire to manifest a thought form in the physical. If we concentrate and focus our thoughts on a daily basis we can literally transform our lives. Now depending on how much energy we give our thought forms the time table can either quicken or lengthen depending on how much focus and deisre you place into the thought form.

We are co-creators if we choose to be but all that is needed is desire and focus.

Here is a photo of a real star that was viewed by observatories called Gemini.



This star represents you as a pure energy source. Notice how this star is surrounded by this mass of energy and gasses swirling around it. But yet it appears lifeless or inactive, dim. That represents us when we are not focused and in the level of creation. The swirling mass of gasses are thought forms that are unfocused or a thought that enters the mind and disappears. Some people have taken on negative thoughts to where the thought forms like the swirling gases consume the star and its brillance hidden. Never taken away but merely covered in negativity. Through our thoughts we can decide a life of positiveness or negativiness. Which then affects our experiences in a good/bad or success/failure sequence.

When we take on this negative mass of swirling thought forms we hide ourselves from others and our true brillant light goes unseen. Children are examples of bright stars that are in constant thought/creation. When we grow older and through life's experiences along with our views of those experiences it tends to change our thought patterns and diminsh our potential or light.

Now how can this be changed?

We must monitor our thoughts carefully and eliminate any thought that appears negative. Always acknowledge the thought and bring it out but release and reaffirm that this is not the true you and enforce it aloud with a positive statement.

For Example:

Cindy was at work when she spilled her coffee on her desk. She begins to clean the mess and the first thought that enters her mind was:

"Cindy that was so dumb of you, what else are you going to do wrong today!"

This statement was not only negative, but dangerous as it set her up to have a troubled day, and make her feel as if this was her fault. Instead Cindy responds to the thought and laughs, yes irritated at the mistake but that is what it was an accident that can be fixed. Cindy reinforces in herself that it is ok, and she tells herself that she will not have a bad day, but instead a great day.

This process is hard to do at first but if one keeps practicing you will find yourself correcting your negative thought patterns.

Now here is a magnificent photo of the same star but it is in the process of creating gasses, and explosions:


Now gaze at this spectacular star in its brillance. You are the star but this time notice that the star is the one actually creating the gasses but within and expelling outwards into its immediate environment. Creating this mass of swirling energy. When we are in thought we are the same as this star. It pours out from our mind and into the universe and then into our lives if we focus.

We co-create our lives!

Do we surround ourselves with positive thought forms or negative thoughts forms? Do we let others see our brillance or hide it? Do you believe that you are a victim of circumstances or a co-creator? It is a decision for all of us to make from time to time.

I wish for all of you to soar and be the best you can possibly be. You are all great spiritual beings with so much to offer. Believe in yourself and in a creator that helps you create the exsistence you desire, and is true to you!

Do you believe you can create with thought?

Try this exercise for thirty days and report what happens to you!

Take thirty days and make a promise to yourself that you will monitor your thoughts more carefully and only focus on what you want to happen. Do not focus on thoughts that block or hinder your path, but instead release them.

  1. Write down a goal you wish to manifest it can be anything you want and place the figure 8 on it, but sideways symbolizing completness.
  2. Imagine that this eight has a start point place your thought there and imagine the thought traveling the eight and returning back to you what you desired. While imagining this say it aloud until the thought returns to you in your imagination. 
  3. Do this every day upon going to sleep or awakening from sleep. Take this slip of paper that you have written your goal on with the figure eight and take it with you where ever you go. In your pocket, under your pillow at night. Where ever you go the paper goes with you.
  4. At any time you feel discouraged take this paper and look at it and say it aloud three times with conviction, and use the eight. 
  5. During this thirty day exercise immerse yourself with postiveness about your goal draw it from pictures, books, where ever you choose to draw it from. Hang pictures around you that symbolize positiveness and reinforces your goal.

6. An important aspect to this is in your affirmation or goal state the following:


I will make it

I will fulfill my goal

I will overcome this

Notice the use of the word WILL this is important as the word itself is energy in motion. If this is taken seriously you will see tremendous results in less than, or more than thirty days. That all depends on how much energy and focus along with desire you place on your goal.

 For those of you that try this don't be afraid to share your experiences!


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth


Pillar Of Light

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