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 Luis Santiago Sr. also known as the "Messenger" for his insightful readings and teachings on a variety of topics is committed to helping others find their true path, and begin the transformation to becoming the powerful spiritual being they truly are. He uses his perception as a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient to cut through to the heart and help to remove confusion so that it help others open the door to the transformation process. He has taken his gifts from the Carribean Islands, to Southwestern and Eastern United States teaching and delivering his messages of love and peace, and the power of personal transformation.

Brief Summary

Luis Santiago Sr. was born and raised in Ohio, a small town outside of Cleveland. As a child "Messenger" knew he was different from others as he struggled to deal with paranormal events throughout his childhood along with a strict Roman Catholic Upbringing and eight years at St. Josephs Parish. He received visions as a child from various Saints all communicating the message of acceptance, and love between people. Being rasied in the Roman Catholic tradition, it became the foundation that led him on the journey to find the truth to love and peace between people as his messages were far different than the views of the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1995 Messenger had a near death experience, and received a series of visions about our Earth and that of the spiritual realms of exsistence. From that point on he has been on a mission to help as much as he can during what he calls the "Time Slips" where it was given to him about the thinning of our dimension and molding into others. Allowing contact to become easier between the realms. During these "Time Slips" Many things would occur with entities that have earmarked the human race for destruction. He stated we would notice this as time progressed and entities from various dimensions  will begin to manifest. In his visions he was shown the lower realms and how these fallen energy creations will break through and influence people away from what is the Truth, and love.

Training and Certification:

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher/Healer
  • Inventor of the Omega Projection Device - O.P.D.
  • I-ching Reader/Teacher
  • Life Coach/Counselor
  • Hypnosis
  • Ordained Spiritual Minister
  • Cleansing and Protection
  • Special emphasis on Spiritual Warfare
  • Meditation/Manifestation Circles
  • Imagination/Manifestation Guidance

Pillar Of Light
The Mission

The main mission with Pillar of Light was to provide assistance to fuel the imagination. To help be a catalyst that will help you begin your personal transformation, and journey into the unknown realms of exsistence. Pillar of Light is symbolic and is also a mantra for the innvocation of contact with a higher intelligence pronounced (Lay-oo-esh), which is hebrew for pillar of light. The activation of the light within to help serve mankind and fulfill your spiritual purpose in this giant school house we call Earth. "Messenger" received messages that he was to spread Reiki and his other teachings, but the most important message he recieved from his guides was to teach others on how to protect and guard themselves during the "Time Slips" from Spiritual Attacks. The time is fast approaching that life as we know it now is transforming at an alarming rate. We must capture ourselves before it is too late, and focus each of our energies as one towards peace, and enlightenment. A house is not built all at once but instead one board at a time, we must also take this as truth in the fact that we cannot change everyone all at once, but we can change ourselves then others will see our light and we too can become a catalyst for others. We are the spark but do we choose to ignite and start a fire for others to see, and feel the warmth, or do we extinguish that spark and allow darkness to consume.
O.P.D. The Omega Projection Device was developed by Luis Santiago Sr. 2005 after years of planning and dedication. This unique device is a portable unit. It utilizes the known energies of the structure of pyramids and combined with a powerful magnetic core that doubles also as a Magnetic Healing Wand. The pyramid itself is an electromagnet that uses a voltage of 30volts to activate the surface of the pyramid. The magnetic core along with the electromagnetic nature produces an astounding magnetic field that can elevate conscious states of awareness. Now this invention does not stop there as it utilizes pulsing lights of varying colors, a unique sound system that emits specific tones to induce varying states of awareness, and also employs the use of specific aromas that is geared to each individual.
"It has taken years to develop this unique device which is in it's infancy as a full size model will be built in the future along with portable units. The purpose of this device is to create a state of awareness where one can find healing, visions, and many other paranormal events. This device merely serves as a doorway once you have done a certain amount of sessions with this device, the door will swing open and once open the device is no longer needed. What I like to call the "Intiation Effect" I look forward to the O.P.D. Device on the market soon as it can be an enormous benefit and tool to unlock and open the door to self awareness."
~Luis Santiago Sr. - Messenger~ 

Usui Reiki Healing 


Have you heard of Reiki an ancient Tibetan form of healing? Have you tried to learn Reiki, but have been turned away by the high prices which can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars for classes? Then Pillar of Light can help you with our Healing/Sensitizing Courses on Usui Reiki. Receive manuals, Guides. Attunements via our paltalk room with Messenger999. Learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to spread Reiki to anyone who searches for it and has the desire to learn this powerful, life transforming art of healing before the upcoming shifts. Learn the secret symbols and techniques to transform the lives others and yourself. Here is a brief history of Usui Reiki:

What is Reiki?

Reiki, a japanese word translated from its Tibetan origins means:

Rei - Light

Ki - Universal Energy

It is the use of light energy to increase vibrational frequencies for the purpose of healing and enlightenment. In Tibet Reiki is known as the "Fire Dragon", or "Medicine Buddha". Which in turn heals the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of light. Promoting self awareness and the sensation of connecting to the universe.

Reiki balances a person, improving conditions on all levels by clearing blocks or stagnant pools of energy which can cause illness if not released. Illness always has energetic origins Reiki can release illness, but also free yourself of old patterns or habits and permitting you to adjust your frequency to a higher more attuned level of awareness. As we progress towards enlightenment our highest self becomes dominant and the self which is formed through Social Conditioning becomes the passenger. This allows us to live more freely in the here and now or present moment. By doing this we begin to live our lives through our own truth.

In Reiki Attunements it is similar to jumping the car battery of an automobile. A person who has already been attuned to a higher frequency of light uses their system to balance, clear, and attune the next person. Using Reiki puts you in direct contact with anyone using Reiki anywhere. This process allows you to enter a reservoir of healing energy. It includes all Reiki masters everywhere and in every time. Time is not a limitation of the energetic world, only the physcial world. Through using Reiki we place our lives in order and come to understand universal truths concerning the managing of our power, or life force.

Origin of Reiki

Reiki can be traced back to ancient Tibet, thousands of years ago. According to Tibetans, ancient ancestors came to this planet from a large group of stars in the constellation of Taurus, the Pleiades. This connection may or may never be fully verified, but this knowledge of how to activate a higher order of universal life force energy can be traced from Tibet through India, into Egypt, Ephesus, Greece, Rome, China, Japan. The technique used in this Reiki System was rediscovered in the mid 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui.

The tradition of Reiki is an oral one passed down from master to master, student to student by word of mouth. The legend of Dr. Usui was told to Hawayo Takata, who was responsible for bringing this ancient gift to the western world. Takata never met Dr. Usui, since he had died many years before her trip to Japan and introduction to Reiki. The story, most likely had been embellished by each story teller over the years to emphasize the wonder and beauty of the legend of Dr. Usui.

Here is what Pillar of Light is offering you!

Usui Reiki 1 - Light Frequency & Healing

Usui Reiki 2 - 2nd Degree, Symbols & Distance Healing

Usui Reiki 3 - Master/Teacher Training

*These courses are life transforming and available now become a Reiki Teacher/Master/Healer and teach others how to heal the body, mind and, spirit. Learning Reiki will also help develop your psychic skills or intuition. It sensitizes you to the oneness we all share in this life, and at all times on every plane of exsistence*

Do YOU have a desire to help others?

If you would like to learn how you can help contribute, and present a desire to help others contact Pillar Of Light.

*All future members will receive Usui Reiki Training and Certification to Teach, experience, and heal others at discounted rates, if finances hinder you please don't hesitiate to ask for assistance, regardless of finances. The main mission is to spread love, light, and knowledge to those who seek it!
~Luis Santiago Sr.-Messenger~
"We are here to learn and grow no matter age, race, color we are one in the same, what seperates us is us the ego, or personality. Symbolically Pllar Of Light is a doorway, but also envision many doorways some lit, others not. Each doorway has it's own color vibration, and your path in life can change drastically for good/bad, or success/failure depending on which doorway you decide to go through.  What is needed during the exploration of self discovery is patience and discernment. What should be the focus is what you feel and what your guided to naturally when exploring. If you believe that Pillar Of Light is a doorway you would like to enter then we welcome you as you were chosen to receive knowledge that will help you become the real you and help transform the world. What is asked through spirit is sincerity and compassion to help, and teach. Pass along what you have learned as we are all Students/Teachers in this giant schoolhouse. God's blessings to all of you who visit and to all of you who join in spreading love, light, and healing in a darkening world."
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
Pillar Of Lightİ

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