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Pillar Of Light II
Pillar Of Light II is dedicated to shining light on those who deserve acknowledgement and praise for their good works towards others. So please check in often to see who won our award, and you can also get to know them a bit. We hope you enjoy Pillar Of Light.

AWARD WINNER - Beside The Still Waters

Congratulations to our Award Winners for their Site, and their Outstanding Service Towards Others.

Pillar Of Light Presents these Awards to the staff at Beside The Still Waters with special mention to Rose, Marisol, and Kathy for their outstanding service and for choosing to help others in their times of need. Their role in the creation of their site along with their love and light have made an impact on others lives. Out of their service for others people took notice and took it upon themselves to help shine light on these unique and talented individuals.

Pillar Of Light thanks you along with those that have nominated Beside The Still Waters.


"If you are searching for more than just a group or site, but instead a place where you can enter openly and freely. To learn, and explore, but most of all develop bonds with people who really care. Who love to share their love and light to anyone who may join their home, then visit them and enlighten your life today."

"Congratulations and may the Creator bless the home that you have created."

Click the picture below to visit our Award Winners at Beside The Still Waters Today!


Rose Blaylock

 "I have been a practicing medium for over 20 years now. I created Beside The Still Waters just a mere four weeks ago. I built this site from the desire to find a place where we can explore each others differences, beliefs, and ideologies without fear of judgement and censorship. My hope and prayer is that out of that exploration of our differences, we may discover our sameness...our unity....and together we may lay aside that which divides us and proudly proclaim that which unifies us."

"Again, I and the BTSW staff and family thank you for this recognition."


Rose Blaylock

"Thoughts become things....choose good ones!"


"Hello I am so surprised and so grateful.  I can think of nothing about myself that should be on a page.  There are so many people that have helped to make the energy of this site what it is.  What I learn from you I will pass on in some way to everyone else.  I am also excited to learn about Reiki so that I might be better able to give comfort to the abused cats that we rescue.  This will be such a blessing thank you so very much." 

Blessings Kathy 

(Laine or temoc)

"My name is Mari Soliz (hence MariSol)  and I am deeply moved by this award.  I am not a practicing medium (yet.. but learning!!)  I have climbed some mountains in the past 10 years.. and I have found God in the most darkest moments in my life, when I thought there was no one else... He had always been there... I carry the light within me and I try my best to pass it along."
"Thank you again for this award!!"

Click Here To Visit Beside The Still Waters Today!

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth
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